Ep. 117 – Grass Fed Genetics

What does it mean, and why do you need it for successful homestead livestock husbandry? Listen to "Ep. 117 - Grass Fed Genetics" on Spreaker. South Poll Cattle Idaho Pastured Pigs The Pasture Project Some…Listen to the Episode

Ep. 116 – Soil Community

Today's episode is more science and less sociology. Let's talk about soil microbiomes. Listen to "Ep. 116 - Soil Community" on Spreaker. Genesis No-Till Drill A primer on seed drills by Johnny's Selected Seeds A…Listen to the Episode

Ep. 115 – The Death of Aspiration

Today's episode is more of the "rant" format. Let's talk about visually stunning social media accounts, aspirations, and whether such content can be "toxic." Listen to "Ep. 115 - The Death of Aspiration" on Spreaker.…Listen to the Episode