Ep. 10 – Homemade, Handmade, and Hand-Me-Down

April 30, 2021

How can you start to escape Fast Fashion without looking like an extra from the community theater production of Oklahoma?

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My favorite pattern from my 4H sewing days. I think I made this dress when I was 10. I still love pintucks.

One of the metric pattern cutting books I recommend:

Some links to a couple pattern cutting books available to read and download from archive.org:

The Keystone System – An 1891 volume for ladies’ garments

The Superlative System for Cutting Ladies Garments – Another book, this one from 1897

Garments for Girls – from 1919, a book intended to help teach girls to sew that contains patterns they would be able to wear. From simple aprons and a kimono nightgown up through a skirt and middy blouse.

And some examples of Japanese sewing books. The images link to the listings, which will only last until the items sell. But there are lots of these sorts of books available on Etsy.

Another example:

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Episode transcript:

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