Ep. 13 – American as Apple Cider – an Interview with Dr. Trey Malone

May 21, 2021

Today it was my very great pleasure to get to talk with Dr. Trey Malone from Michigan State University. He took time out of his day to share a little of what he knows about the rising market for hard cider and offer a bit of advice on how a small farm or orchard might start thinking about producing and selling local cider.

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Some of the resources mentioned by Dr. Malone:

University of Minnesota’s Business Plan App

Cider Con

(I admit, I am ridiculously entertained that there IS a CiderCon!)

Michigan Craft Beverage Council

Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition

This is sort of in my backyard, so I might have to make it a point to go, this year. Maybe we should make it a meet up!

Dr. Malone also recommended a colleague for questions regarding specific varieties of apples for cider. Dr. Chris Gottschalk. Perhaps I’ll have to see if Dr. Gottschalk would be willing to share some advice for us later, as well.

And, of course, Dr. Malone kindly offered to field questions or try to get you pointed in the right direction. E-mail him if you’d like some extra guidance at tmalone@msu.edu

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you did, do all the usual stuff – rate, review, share. And let me know if you’d like more interviews.

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