Ep 15: Dolly and Me

Today we'll talk about the sentimental sweetness that is the rag doll, and their ability to collect and carry stories. Listen to "Ep 15: Dolly and Me" on Spreaker. Doll books: Raggedy Ann pattern, available…Listen to the Episode

Ep. 14 – Hello, Neighbor!

I don't have any fun links for you with this one, but I am working on another episode on the topic that will be interview/discussion based, so stay tuned! Listen to "Ep. 14 - Hello,…Listen to the Episode

Attack of the Clones

Today's episode is an overview of how to clone your own fruit trees and shrubs, both to save money and to propagate varieties that aren't available commercially. Listen to "Ep. 12 - Attack of the…Listen to the Episode

Ep. 11 – Who’s Your Daddy

Breeding livestock on the small farm should be guided by a careful assessment of goals and strategy. In this episode, I'll walk you through some of the factors to consider when designing your breeding program.…Listen to the Episode