Ep. 27: Two Sticks and a String

August 27, 2021

Knitting has long been an integral part of the care and keeping of families. This week we’ll talk about how to – and how not to – recapture the simple pleasures of the peaceful art of knitting.

In hindsight, I spent a lot of time on the cultural aspects and not much on styles or regional variations. That, I suppose, leaves room for another episode, or a blog post, or… something.

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For now, here are some links to a few vintage knitting resources:

A Victorian Manual from 1847

Socks for Soldiers pattern:

An entire site of vintage knitting patterns, including advice on needles and yarn choices.

And, I introduce you to one of my favorite pattern design AND yarn dying companies, all in one.

I can also recommend Knitting America as an excellent book on America’s knitting traditions.

Episode Transcript:

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