Ep 15: Dolly and Me

June 4, 2021

Today we’ll talk about the sentimental sweetness that is the rag doll, and their ability to collect and carry stories.

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Doll books:

Raggedy Ann pattern, available on Etsy as a .pdf:

Pinterest Board full of Waldorf Dolls

There are a number of tutorials on painting doll faces available on Etsy. Do read the descriptions carefully, as many of them are in Russian. Here is an example:

Big Little Tales has several posts on embroidering faces, as well as a very nice vintage-style doll pattern.

Most doll patterns include instructions for hair, but this is a good lesson in making yarn hair.

Here is a tutorial on making a crochet cap with weft for hair.

Fig and Me is one of my favorite art doll makers. And she has excellent materials on dollmaking available, along with an information packed Patreon and regular video workshops. I do believe she has another hair tutorial, as well.

The Serendipity Dollworks store is one of a number of Etsy sellers who carry Waldorf supplies.

So – go forth and make dolls!

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