Ep. 113 – Think Small

June 2, 2023

Let’s muse today on trying to escape the clutches of coporatized consumerist culture and live lives on a human scale.

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Farmhouse Fabrics

Barnyard Knits

Be cautious of local cleaning products. Lots of people sell “homemade laundry detergent,” that’s basically grated soap with a couple other ingredients. Soaps are a bad idea in modern washing machines. There is a fundamental difference between “soap” and “detergent.” For the longevity of your washer, stick with detergents. And I don’t know of any that aren’t made by some flavor of mega-corp or some sort of multi-level marketing scheme (Amway or Melaleuca).

I do like Le Blanc laundry detergent and linen water. (I’m weird. I also have an unhealthy obsession with household linens). They’re pricey, but they are a joy to use. If you’re just modifying your practices for a month – you could do worse than just indulging in one bottle.

My favorite family-owned source for makeup and skin care is Toups and Co. Organics

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