Ep. 69 – Midsommar Food

This week we'll discuss a little more about local food, and I'll give you a snapshot of what can be grown, foraged, raised, or made at Midsommer in Michigan. Listen to "Ep. 69 - Midsommar…Listen to the Episode

Ep. 68 – Oh My! That Pie!

I apologize for the sound quality with this episode. Listen to "Ep. 68 - Oh, my! That pie." on Spreaker. But aside from that, come enjoy an excellent discussion of that Paragon of Rural Culture:…Listen to the Episode

Ep. 66 – You Can Pick ‘Em

This week, we'll explore the wonderful world of U-pick farms: Why you should patronize them, what to expect, and why they are an important part of a rural community. Listen to "Ep. 66 - You…Listen to the Episode