Ep. 104 – Spinning Your Wheels

Spindles and Wheels for yarn making at home. Listen to "Ep. 104 - Spinning Your Wheels" on Spreaker. The Change.org petition Straddle Creek Spins The Spanish Peacock Kromski Spinning Wheels Athena Spinning Wheels For used…Listen to the Episode

Ep. 103 – American Barnstand

Today's episode is a brief survey of American barn styles, construction methods, and the cultural aspects of barns in community. And we'll even touch a little on reclaimed barn wood. Listen to "Ep. 103 -…Listen to the Episode

Ep. 99 – Dressing the Part

Does what you wear while you homestead matter? Who is "really working" and who is "just cos-playing"? Listen to "Ep. 99 - Dressing the Part" on Spreaker. Some pattern lines to get you started if…Listen to the Episode